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Solo Exercises

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revised 26 Oct 1999

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Practicing these exercises will help you develop the skills you need to survive and conquer:

  1. Probe-based scouting
  2. Shooting down probes simulating incoming missiles
  3. Probing while farming
  4. Probe-based surveillance and stalking
  5. Dumping and searching
  6. Using probes to replenish energy under way
  7. Building a Destroyer
Think of these as the "scales" of SE. (Or don't, if your memories of taking piano lessons are too painful.)

Probe-based scouting

Choose any Province of the Galaxy.
Fly your Scout into that Province. Do not orbit a planet.
Alt-P to pull up the Province map.
Left-click a star -- call it 9999.
  Game draws a circle around 9999 on the Province map
  displays Science computer menu, including
     4=Send probe to 9999
Alt-4 to send a probe there.
Alt-5 to bring up the Probes menu.
Wair for the Game to
  display "Probe entering 9999" in the Radio panel (lower left of main Game window)
  and turn the star number green on the Province map.
Alt-7 for System Scan.
Game displays system scan in upper-right panel, individual planet Geo-scan buttons in middle left panel.
Mentally note which planets look worth evaluating more closely -- for concreteness, suppose C.
Note that Planet C in the Geo-scan button menu corresponds to 4.
Alt-4 to bring up the Geo-scan for planet C in the upper-right panel.

Return to "Alt-P to pull up the Province map..." to continue probing.

Nuances and subtleties:

Questions to ponder:

Shooting down probes simulating incoming missiles

Launch a probe to a nearby star system -- maybe even the one you're in, if you're in one.

Alt-S to bring up the Science menu,
Alt-5 to bring up the Probes menu,
Alt-1 to Recall Probe.

A returning probe maneuvers to rendezvous with you exactly the same way, and with the same performance characteristics, as an incoming missile. (Well, not exactly -- if you run away, a probe will eventually run out of energy, and slow to a crawl. A missile, as far as I know, will not.)

Run away, lock weapons, maneuver, fire on the probe.

Ways to replenish ammo on ship:

Probing while farming

The key to this technique is that, although a TRansport cannot pick up a Probe from a planet, it can control a Probe already in flight.
A TRansport can recover a Probe, carry the recovered probe around, and launch the Probe again.
[Thanks to Commander Cain for straightening me out on this probe-vs-transport matter.]

In your SCout, orbit the base where you built your TRansport.
Have at least one Probe on board.
Launch a Probe to the first system you propose to farm.
Use the Alt-S/Alt-5/Alt-5 function to watch for hostile warships while the probe is in flight.
When the probe enters the system you propose to farm,
Alt-S/Alt-5/Alt-1/Alt-x to SURvey planet "x" for farmability.
Shift to your TRansport.
Be about your farming.
Drive your probe ahead of you to assess farmabilities.

Questions to ponder:

Probe-based surveillance and stalking

Dumping and searching

Using probes to replenish energy under way

Building a Destroyer

This one is a little different -- it's a Planetary Management exercise, and you have to wait hours-to-days for results.

Find any planet with Habitability greater than zero and Metal greater than 50. (Actually, for this exercise, a low-hab planet works best.)

In the Planetary Management menus, make the following settings:

The planet will produce a Destoyer in about 60 real-world hours in a War with the standard growth rate. As of this writing (11 Oct 99), the Training Galaxy "Gaia" uses a faster growth rate, and a planet configured like this produces a Destroyer in about 18 hours.

    Warning: These settings are not stable! Left untuned, they will eventually ruin the planet!

Explanation for the settings: