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Tactical Exercises

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Most recently revised: 20 Jan 2000

Purpose of this document: Provide a set of standard tactical scenarios to practice in the Gaea practice Galaxy.

A. Planet attacks:
  1. One Defending Scout vs One Attacking Destroyer
A1. One Defending Scout vs One Attacking Destroyer:

This is the key engagement pattern in the "Initial Conquests" phase of  The Standard War .

Key tactical questions:

  • How close can the defender rebuild? At target base? In the target system? In a nearby system?
  • Can the defender repair at the target base? In system?
  • Can the attacker repair in the target system?
  • Can the attacker refuel in the target system?
  • Can the defender replenish ammo from the target base?
  • Can the attacker replenish ammo in the target system?
  • How strong are the fixed defenses on the target base? How many hits can it take?
  • How many fighters and troops has the attacker staged in the target system?
  • Does the attacker have an empty slot to hold the base? Or will the base go unowned if it falls?
  • Variant A1A: Defender owns target base, target resisted first hit, defender heard the hit.

    Unless defender is at target already, or very close, fastest way to get there is to self-DEStruct, and rebuild at target.

    Defender in orbit at target can repair easily, and can laser attacker from orbit.

    Defender cannot launch missiles at attacker from orbit. Leave orbit to launch missiles, and you might not get back into orbit to repair, if you take Computer Damage from incoming fire.

    Points to ponder:

    B. Other scenarios:

    Solo scout vs solo scout
      What for? anti-scouting? self-defense?
        preserving your torp tubes
        which of _his_ torp tubes are dead?
        temperature control
        energy management
        rate of fire

    Solo scout vs transport
      Attack or track?
        The simple joy of killing
        Can he repair?

    Solo transport vs scout
      Which is more important:
        deliver the cargo?
        conceal the destination?
          stager or scorer?
        preserve the cargo?
        preserve the ship?
      Losing missiles
        Outrun them
        Use a wormhole
      Breaking contact