Da's PMing for start of war

PMing for the start of the war......
Modify Planetary Operations
1.) Do NOT mess with conscription rate until your planet reaches 10k 
    pop.  When your pop reaches 10k pop, set conscription to 100%.

2.) Mercenary Force to 1,000 (MAX).  ALWAYS have your MAX MERCENARY
	FORCE be 10% *OR LESS* of your pop.  If you have more than 10% 
	of your pop being troops then you are really asking for it...

	EXAMPLE: Say you have 10k pop, you should only have 1k troops MAX.
	If you had 50k pop, you should only have 5k troops MAX.

*** NEVER, EVER, EVER set your MAX troops to 9999999999999!!!

3.) Immigration Rate to 100000000000000000000 (ALL the zeros you can 

4.) Land Use TAX should be set to 0.00% (on the planets you are making
    a DD or TR, you can set tax rate to 1%-5%).  But remember that if 
    you set tax rate up, you will have 10.5% or MORE wasted in 
    bureaucracy, instead of the 10% you usually will have.

5.) Distress Channel...ask the team captain.  PLEASE, PUT A DISTRESS 
    CHANNEL WHEN WE HAVE ONE.  Some of you did NOT put a distress 
    channel last war (or a bug may have removed it).  In any case, 
    you MUST have a distress channel set or we will NOT know when 
    it is attacked!!! I am stressing this because some of you did not
    have distress channel set last war!

6.) Team Access Code (leave it blank).  A spy on our team will be 
    able to see how many troops you have and such on your planet.

7.) Planet Name--self explanitory.

8.) Trade Surplus should be set to 25% only, and no more.

 Modify Labor Assignments

     (This is the FIRST column, NOT the second!)

1.) Agriculture should be set to ZERO until your pop reaches 100k, then
    set it to 2.0%

2.) Service Sector should be ZERO at ALL times until the end of the
    war.  Do NOT put even 1% in your Service Sector!


This is for the FIRST 24 hours ONLY:

3.) Mining should be set to 10% for a 70+ MET (even a 100 MET) planet
    and 15% for a 40%+ MET planet for the FIRST 24 hours.  Anything 
    less than a 40% MET planet should not be colonized.

AFTER the initial 24 hours :

    has passed, a 90+ MET planet can go as low as 
    5% or so, and a 40% + can go as low as 7%.  You want to get metal
    stocks up as soon as possible because housing needs metal stocks 
    to make.

    After the initial 24 hours, make sure you have 20% to 
    35% metal stock compared to your pop.

    EXAMPLE:  Your pop is 7k, your mining stock should be around 2k 
    or 3k.

    If you have more than that, you need to remove some people from 
    mining and put them into housing.  If you have less than that, 
    you need to move some people into mining.  Move them in 
    increments of 0.1% or 0.5% (depending on how much growth your 
    mining has recieved).

    Pitchonomics says you need about 50%, but Talon says you need 
    only 20% or so.  You can put the extra people to work in housing
    instead of mining....

    Like I once heard, you know everything Pitch wants you to know,
    but do you know everything HE knows?

4.) BI (ENG) should be set 5% or 6% for the FIRST 24 HOURS ONLY.  

    AFTER the initial 24 hours, set BI to 3% only and no more.

5.) Armaments should be set to ZERO for the first week.  You need
    ALL the people you can get to work in housing!  Put 0.5%
    in armaments for planets that are making DD's or other war ships
    only...do this ONLY when your ship is 75%+ done, and no earlier.

    When you are in a scout, and you are damaged, do NOT go into your
    planet at all!  I cannot stress that enough.

6.) SY should be set to 0.5% the first 2-3 days.  If you want to build
    guns, do it on your mule(s)' planets and give them to you.  That is
    what mules are for...  Also I suggest you have TWO mules.  One mule
    is to make guns and the other one is to make figs.
    Again, if I were you, I would be in a TR and getting guns off
    planets the first week (it's much more faster that way, and you
    can concentrate your workers on housing).

7.) Housing.   For the FIRST 24 hours, With 10% to mining, 5% to BI, 
    and 0.5% in SY, you should have 74.5% in housing.

    * AFTER the 24 hours have passed, set mining to: 5%-7% 
    (depending on metal stock on your planet and your metal's growth)
    After the 24 hours have passed, set BI to: 3%
    After the 24 hours have passed, set HS to "around": 80%

    I am really stressing the "after the 24 hours period."

Do the ABOVE for the first week.  After that, set BI to 4% or 5%.
Remember that if you increase BI or troops, you NEED to increase
MN also.  The bigger the BI you have working, the more MN you need.

     (This is the SECOND column!)

1.) Service Sector should be set to ZERO at ALL times until the end
    of the war.

2.) MN should be set to 100% for the first 24 hours and 5%-10%
    thereafter (depending on MET rating).

*** Your Mining CAPACITY should be the SAME size as your BI.

--  It is IMPORTANT that your:   --

3.) BI should be set to 90%-95% AFTER the first 24 hours.
    (Let it be at the above setting until you have 1k BI capacity,
    then set to 70% BI and 20-25% SY).

4.) ARMS should be set to ZERO at ALL times--When you start to have
    a BC, then you can increase it at 1% until you have 1k ARMS.  After
    you get 1k ARMS, set ARMS back to 0.0%

5.) SY should be set to ZERO until you have *ATLEAST* 1k BI, then
    follow the above setting.

==== Modify Commodity Stockpiles ====

1.) Ore should be set to 99999999999  at ALL times

2.) Consumer Goods should be set to ZERO at ALL times.

3.) Agriculture should be set to 9999999999 at ALL times.

4.) Probes should be set to only ZERO or 5 MAX.

5.) Missles should be set to 25 for the FIRST 24 hours on planets
    that you are building DD's and warships.  (NOTICE: I did NOT 
    say the FIRST 24 hours of the game, but the FIRST 24 hours
    that you set people to work in ARMS).  After that, set it to
    100 and generally increase it.

6.) Torps should be 2x or 3x the amount of missles.


1.) *YOU* should make a DD and a TR and nothing more.  Set it to 100%
    and make sure SY capacity is at 100% (500 workers) the
    VERY MOMENT AFTER YOU COLONIZE (do this on your worst planets).
    So you will be using TWO of your planets to make ships at 100%
    Right after you make YOUR DD, go OCC 10 (do NOT attack!!!) your 
    mule's planet and take one of the "warships" there and mothball it.
    That way if you lose YOUR dd, you will not have to start out new 
    making one.

    Please follow my instructions or don't come crying when you lose
    it.... :)  hehehe

 ***Please do NOT fight early in the war...  It is a time to SURVEY and
    go out and TR guns from "newly colonized" planets, and not for
    making NME's and wasting time.. :)  You guys have to play smart.

    When you first get into the war, set your ship name to a DIFFERENT
    ship name so that NME's will not fire on you.  You need all the time
    in the world to find planets.

    Also, if you come 2-4 hours after the war, do not settle for sorry 
    planets like 80+/80+.  Look for some 90+/80+ and settle for 80+/80+
    only when you know you are out of luck.  Last war I found TWO 93/96
    planets "24 hours after" the reset.  And I also found a 99/57 on
    the THIRD day of the war.   So KEEP LOOKING for planets.

    If you came when the reset started, there is absolutely no excuse
    for getting anything lower than 90/90

    Please follow my instructions if you want to be successful.  If you
    have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL or don't understand, ask me PLEASE!!!

    Dark Avenger 2 of 7 out...
Copright to DA 2 of 7, No Copying.