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Fighters Tactical Manual [Rev. 1]

General Tactics

1.Starspace Tactics
2.Hyperspace Tactics
3.Evasive Tactics
4.Pack Hunting Tactics

Ship Specific Tactics

1.Scout Tactics
2.Destroyer Tactics
3.Cruiser Tactics
4.Battle Cruiser Tactics
5.Battle Ship Tactics
6.Transport Tactics

Starspace Tactics

1.Always Colonize a planet or OCC one, This allows you to Repair during combat. If no planet can be colonized, but there is a Gas Giant Orbit it, This allows you to scoop up Gas when needed so you don't run out.

2.Always face the Port or Starboard side to the enemy, This allows you to hit them with both lasers and if they hit you both your shields absorb the damage lessening his shots and making your shields last longer.

3.If no Gas Giant or planet to be colonized is available in the system. Then Face Port side and Fire a Missile once in a while. This Forces him to shoot the missile and not you, if he doesn't shoot the missile then he gets hit by it either way you get a little relief and a small edge.

4.If the Person orbits one of their planets Break off the Attack and leave. It is a no win situation normally.

5."The Star Jump Maneuver": If you exit into Hyper and go back into Starspace it puts you at a different entry point. This will allow you to get closer or Farther away from him. Caution: you could accidentally wind up on top of him while this isn't necessarily bad, it's not the greatest position either. Note from author: Since the advent of "Jump Percentages" This maneuver has become very dangerous. It is advised that you may encounter mass interference while perfoming this. Mass interference will do the following: SC - destroy front shield, All other - damage front shield slighty. If your shields are down kiss your front torpedo tube bye bye.

6.The Farther away you are from your enemy the less damage your Lasers do to him. The only time you want him far away is if you are orbiting a Gas Giant. Each time you hit him he losses energy, once energy reaches 0 your opponent dies and you win.

7.If he is orbiting a Gas Giant and it's the only one in the system. Try "The Star Jump Maneuver" to get closer to him. If you try to fly directly towards him he will be hitting your front shield which will fall within a few shots leaving you vulnerable. If you choose to do this fire missiles as you get closer. if you don't do this and he is far enough away from you (usually 10-20 AU's) he will win cause he has gas you don't. Simple attrition of resources.

8.Past 50 AU distance from your enemy you can no longer shoot missles at you opponent (and vice versa).

9.If you are 100 AU away from your enemy he can no longer see you and you can no longer see him, thus he cannot fire at you and you him.

Hyperspace Tactics

1.If you type in "sea, 300" at the command line you can see 150 ly with your shields up. If you drop your shields and use the "sea, 300" command you can see 300 ly instead of 150ly with them being up. You can also see 150ly without typing in "sea, 300" at the command line if you lower your shields. Caution: by lowering your shields puts you in a vulnerable position.. it's recommend you be ready to raise them if trouble comes. Also the bigger the ship the longer it takes for them to raise. Note from author: the command line will be phased out eventually so don't be surprised if one day "sea, 300" no longer works.

2.Just like in Starspace face your Port or Starboard side to the enemy. This will make it so both shields take the damage instead of just one. Which in turn means your shields stay up longer.

3.If you take out one of your enemies shields continually shoot the side he has no shields on. This will cause him to die quicker. If he knocks out one of your shields turn to face him with the shield that is still up this will give you at least 1-3 of his shots before it goes down. This gives you time to hurt him more.

4.If your enemies starts to run chase him and continue to pound his aft.. after a few shots (if his shields are down) he won't be able to fire at you ('cause his torp tube is destroyed). Then you can shoot him as much as you want. just remember to stay on that side of him.

5.If your enemy redlines it to leave the area fire a missile at him and simply follow the missile. eventually he will run out of fuel and die or he will have to enter Starspace or stop to cool down. Either way you catch him and kill him. You can Redline after him, but why do that when you can just wait and then kill him without risk to your ship.

6.If your enemy runs into Starspace immediately follow him in, but before entering Starspace fire a missile. This will either hit him immediately as you enter or throw him off allowing you to turn Port or Starboard to him and get off a shot ot two before he can fire back.

7."The Hyper Jump Maneuver": To Do this maneuver you must be on top of a star or in the star. The whole point to this maneuver is to jump in and out of hyper. First you exit into hyper fire off 1 or 2 Torpedoes at the enemy and then immediately duck back into the star (don't stay in Hyperspace). You then wait for your shields to regenerate (if he/she shot you) and reload then repeat over an over. If you combine this with turning your port side to the enemy you can usually kill them or damage them badly without ever loosing your shields. One important thing to remember if your enemy fires a missle at you immediately duck into Starspace and wait for the missle to come in and shoot it (this will keep you from wasting a torp on it). This maneuver is best used with a BattleCruiser due to the Battlecruisers double torpedo tubes. Note from author: Since the advent of "Jump Percentages" This maneuver has become very dangerous. It is advised that you may encounter mass interference while perfoming this. Mass interference will do the following: SC - destroy front shield, All other - damage front shield slighty. If your shields are down kiss your front torpedo tube bye bye.

Evasive Tactics

1.If you use the "sea, 300" command (see 1. in Hyperspace Tactics) you can see your enemy 90% of the time before they have time to react to you. This gives you those extra seconds to "Evade them."

2.One option is redlining it, this is an extremely risky tactic. Redlining it is when you push the engines of your space ship beyond it's limits (see ships section for ships stats). You can redline it by either clicking above the redline in the velocity bar (top left corner it will say Velocity: ??). make sure you watch the Temp bar (it says Temp: ??) don't let it get to the top as soon as it gets within 1 section bar (note: if you look closely the bars are split into smaller segments) of the end type "dum 500" at the command line. Watch your Energy bar closely though (it says Energy: ??) when it gets low it turns yellow and it turns red when extremely critical. if this happens stop somewhere and scoop fuel to replenish. Note from author: I do not recommend redlining it when you are experiencing lag as this has been known to kill people. Also when "DUM"ping fuel watch your fuel gauge if it goes lower then 10 your a dead duck.

3.I recommend ducking into a star system and orbiting a planet (only if your out of view of your enemy). If your enemy fired a missle as soon as you orbit the planet log off and back on this will kill his missle and most likely kill all chances he has of finding you. Make sure you sit there and wait 5 minutes before leaving orbit. Note from author: ships not in orbit can be seen in hyperspace.

4.If the enemy does find you in the system immediately log off and wait, most people will usually leave after 5 minutes (Note from author: some people are relentless and won't go away, if you get cornered by one of these people just log off and come back in an hour or two <G>).

5.Some instances you can't escape easily.. This is when you do the "Shoot and Redline Maneuver". this only works in Starspace. Type in "nav (star number), 18" (Note from author: pick a star at least 300 ly away) at command line and hit "yes" as soon as it asks. Immediately after entering Hyperspace shoot a missle at the enemy (who should be getting ready to come out), this will either hit your opponent immediately as he comes out or your opponent will stop to shoot the missle first giving you the extra time to hit warp 18 and get out of there. Once your 150ly away from him duck into a star orbit and log.

6.If you have missles left and he does pop out after you continue to fire missles until he's out of range. The missles will act as "Buffers" 'cause your opponent will shoot them instead of you. This will give you a little more breathing room. Note from author: use this in combo with the "Shoot and Redline maneuver".

Pack Hunting Tactics

1.Brief Pack Hunting explanation: Pack Hunting is when 2 or more ships get together to hunt down and kill other ships. It is one of the most feared items to be on the receiving end of. This tactic is also highly used and highly effective. A proper Pack Hunt can take out an ship in the game with ease in (Note from author: there are a few exceptions to that rule, as a CR orbiting a planet can easily fend off 5-7 Scouts, and a good pilot in general orbiting a planet can prove almost impossible to kill).

2.To Pack Hunt you need 2 or more ships. It is recommended to have at least 4. It is recommended that you pack hunt in Scouts only. This will allow you to keep up with your opponents. (Note from author: almost any pilot in a SC can escape a cap ship with relative ease, even multiple cap ships).

3."Line Formation": One of the most effective formations and the most simplistic to use. All the ships involved in the Pack Hunt line up one behind the other and spaced 1 Scout distance from each other. When the opponent comes into view they will most likely see one ship at a time and therefore not recognize it as a pack hunt, By the time the opponent realizes their mistake they either duck into a nearby star or be dead.

4."Line Formation 2": This formation is one of the harder ones to form and maintain, but the advantage of this formation is the extended range of the Pack's seeing ability when using the "Sea, 300" command. In order for this Formation to be at it's optimum each member of the Pack must be side by side and no farther then 1 Scout length between them. Another advantage to this formation is that at least 2-3 ships in the Pack will be able to shoot the Opponent quickly and not have as high of a risk in shooting your fellow Pack Hunters.

5."Star Formation": This formation represents the four points of a star (AKA "Compass Formation"). The greatest advantage to this formation is the fact if your opponent goes threw the middle of the Pack everyone can shoot them at once, thus killing the opponent faster. This formation also combines a greater seeing range then the "Line Formation" in both front back and sides. In this formation the positions are 3 Scout lengths over (left or right) and 3 scout lengths back. This formation is the most common.

6."Box Formation": This formation represents the four points of a box. It's similar to the "Star Formation" in the fact that if someone travels into the middle you can quickly dispatch them. It's seeing range is less then a "Star Formation" in the front and back. The positions are 2 Scout lengths between each ship.

7.The key to Pack Hunting is team work. If you don't communicate and call out enemies then you will be disorganized and it will be easy to break your pack hunt. Also if you spot an enemy that no one else can see yell it out (i.e. (number of ships) (alliance acronym) (ship types) (direction) , 2 D!! BC's north or 1 FOE CR south, 1 D!! SC east).

Scout Tactics

1.Do not engage in Starspace with anything other then a Scout or Transport. Unless you enemy has heavy damage, but do so at your own judgement. Note: A wounded CR or BS can still take out a Scout with relative ease.

2.The scout is strongest in Hyperspace so always try to engage in combat in Hyperspace. this is where the speed of the Scout comes in handy.

3.When engaging Capital Ships in Hyperspace stay on the outer edge of their firing zone (the Red arc). This way you can launch a Torpedo and get out of range before he can hit you or before he hits you alot.

4.When engaging a Capital Ship remember their shields are stronger then yours so Pick one shield and bring it down and continue to hit that one side of them.

5.When somone fires a missle at you, shoot it. Missles now go warp 18 so they can and will catch you

6.When fighting a DD with a scout it's best to make a be-line striaght into the Starboard or Port side of the DD. You can fire torps at him along the way and when you get close enough Salvo 2 him 3 times and immediately exit while pounding on him with your aft torp. It is not recommended to go Head to Head or Head to Rear with a DD as they do have 2 torp tubes in the front and rear.

7.Fighting a BC with a scout is extremely difficult if the Pilot is worth his salt. My recommendation is to avoid this or use 2 Scouts vs. 1 BC.

8.Remember a Scout can outrun everything except a scout (without redlining) and missles.

Destroyer Tactics

1.The DD has 2 Torp Tubes in the Front and Aft. This is the only ship that you should refrain from turning portside to your enemy in Hyperspace.

2.The DD can get off 4 shots before your enemy can get off 2. You can achieve this by Facing your enemy and fire off your front tubes and then immediately turn aft and fire off your rear tubes. Then fire a missle and reload. Repeat until someone dies.

3.The DD is the second fastest ship (without redlining it).

4.DD's are best for jumping your enemy. This is done when your opponent is in Starspace and you sit in Hyperspace waiting for him to come out (Make sure your sitting on top of the star). As soon as he/her comes out Salvo 2 him/her till he/her dies. Note: do not try this tactic against a BC the BC has Salvo 3's and will kill you quickly.

5.The DD is the only ship that can see 300ly with it's shields up. If you use the SEA, 300 command you can see the 300ly without lowering your shields

Cruiser Tactics

1.The Cruiser has the strongest Shields and Lasers in the Galaxy. It is recommended that you fight only in Starspace with this beast.

2.A Cruiser can take out a Scout orbiting his planet so don't hesitate to shoot anyone with a Cruiser in Starspace. Cruisers can even take on 3 Scouts in Starspace and win. It usually takes 5-6 shots to kill a Scout in Starspace. Note from author if the SC pilot is a good one you will not be able to kill him while he orbits his planet.

3.The Cruiser is a poor Hyperspace fighter, You can fight in Hyperspace but it's recommended you don't.

4.If you have to fight in Hyperspace use the information in the General Tactics (Hyperspace Tactics) section.

5.One of the best tactics found have been to hit someone's planet lightly 4-5 times and they or their alliance will come to try and stop you. Just OCC or colonize a planet in the system and kill them as they come in. Of course Repair as necessary and don't worry about the missiles, you can just repair. (Note from author: Screamers work now, so this tactic is highly effective. It's even more effective if you are accompanied by 1 SC, so he can chase the enemy down if he runs.)

Battle Cruiser

1.The BC Has double torp tubes on all sides and is an effective Hyperspace Fighter, So try to stay in Hyperspace and fight.

2."Sit and Spin": In this Maneuver you stay still and turn you Front Side to your enemy fire off 2 torps, turn port fire 2, turn aft fire 2, and then turn starboard and fire 2 again, after that fire a missle reload and do it again.

3.In Starspace do not face down a BS or CR alone, They have stronger Shields and Lasers and will make short work of you. you can Face down anything else you want.

4.The BC has a Salvo 3 function instead of a Salvo 2 button, so if you get a chance to sit on top of them Salvo 3 them several times and they won't last long. The BC can carry 50 missiles so it's got plenty to spare.

5.Allot of people try to run from a BC if they are damaged only a DD or SC can outrun a BC. If you want you can redline it to keep up or try to kill them before they get out of range.

6.The best maneuver to use with a BC is "The Hyper Jump Maneuver". Read "Hyper Tactics" section on this maneuver.

7.BC's are also good for jumping your enemy. This is done when your opponent is in Starspace and you sit in Hyperspace waiting for your opponent to come out (Make sure your sitting on top of the star). As soon as your opponent comes out Salvo 3 your opponent till your opponent dies.

Battle Ship

1.The Battle Ship and Cruiser have the same tactics. The only thing different is that the Cruiser has stronger shields and lasers. You can take on any ship in Starspace, It's recommended you avoid fighting a Cruiser with it.

2.The Best tactic is to use this puppy for Planet Conquest only. With it's 1k Fig/10k Troop Capacity it is the strongest Planet Smasher in the game. It also takes the longest to build

3.The Battleship does have the largest Energy capacity so if you want you can fight someone from extremely long distances and win threw attrition of resources. (Providing they aren't orbiting a planet or Gas Giant).

4.Since the Battle Ship has the largest energy capacity it can be the most effective redliner also.

Transport Tactics



3.EVADE! (see evasive tactics section)

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