Three’s Ships Manoeuvres

Version beta 0.1



Below are the different ways in which to use the ships and the ship specifications. Some of the text is taken from Visads battle regime. I have modified some of it however.




Fighting in star-space



Fighting in star-space uses the same tactics for all the ships and goes as follows. When you are Star fighting, orbit a Gas Giant on the other side of the Star that your opponent is, this will have 2 desired effect's. One being that your shields will be able to compensate for the damage that your opponent is giving you. (NOTE: Not against a CR or BS take those fights to Hyper if possible, especially if you ARE NOT IN ONE, and your opponent is) As they are attacking you Turn PORT towards them and fire away. When you are running Low on energy stop firing, and scoop fuel... As long as your enemy does not get close enough to do some damage to your ship instead of your energy you will win this battle shortly.  I would strongly suggest that if your opponent is in a Cruiser or a Battleship then you take this fight to hyper-space, unless you are in an equal ship and feel confident that you will win.  If your enemy is within the 15 AU hyper limit, the I suggest that you use the advantage of hyper-space well, you should go in to the star, do as much damage as possible, then come out and get ready to bombard him with missiles.  This doesn’t work if the other player has a base in the star.  Be careful to NOT hyper out of a star when someone has fired a missile at you





There are also many other tactics that can be used and to find these i suggest that you either get VISADS BATTLE REGIME or take a look at other SE site which I have linked to on my web-site at






Ship : Scout

Max. Warp : 15

Max. Shields : 150/150

Max. Lasers : 150/150

Max. Missile Stores : 5

Max. Torpedo Stores : 25

Max Fighter Stores : 0

Max Troop Stores : 0




  The Scout is the first ship that you will get and is the only ship available until you build a shipyard. The scout, if used effectively, can be a very fearsome ship. If you are in Hyper-space use the ships speed to your advantage. try to keep out of the enemies torpedo rang and when you are ready to fire go in at full speed. Try to go in so that you can fire as many torps as possible i.e. go in head first , fire fore torp, when ship is to the side fire side torp and when the ship is aft fire the aft torp. Using this tactic will help in defeating just about any ship. NEVER STAY STILL IN HYPERSPACE. Fighting in star space is explained above.








Ship : Destroyer

Max : Warp: 13

Max. Shields : 200/200

Max. Lasers : 190/190

Max. Missile Stores : 25

Max. Torpedo Stores : 40

Max Fighter Stores : 100

Max Troop Stores : 1000




The Destroyer is the smallest capital ship there is to build. I consider them very weak in the fact they are easily taken out by a scout who knows what he is doing. They are designed to fight in hyper-space but I find it is best to try and avoid fighting in these. If you have to fight then use the speed of the ships. These ships are the fastest of the capital ships and to fight you should use much the same tactics of the scouts, not forgetting that the destroyer has 2 fore and aft torp tubes. another way of fighting in these ships is to not move. you fire both of you fore torps, move to port and fire port torp, then to aft and fire both aft torps and then to starboard and fire starboard torp and letting off a missile now and again. Fighting in starspace is explained above.





Ship: Cruiser

Max. Warp: 11

Max. Shields: 675/675

Max. Lasers: 890/890

Max. Missile Stores: 10

Max. Torpedo Stores: 20

Max Fighter Stores: 200

Max Troop Stores: 2000





The cruiser is the deadliest starspace fighter there is due to the strong laser(890 both fore and aft) and shields(675 both fore and aft). The only drawback is it is a poor hyper fighter due to its low amount of torp's(20) and missiles(10) and the single tubes. If you are attacked in hyper IMMEDIAITLY go to the nearest system and fight there by using the same tactics as explained above.  You can, if you know what you are doing, take out a scout and maybe a DD in hyper-space, but I would not advise this as you can easily get caught out by the other ships speed.





Ship: Battle Cruiser

Max. Warp: 12

Max. Shields: 375/375

Max. Lasers: 440/440

Max. Missile Stores: 50

Max. Torpedo Stores: 100

Max Fighter Stores: 400

Max Troop Stores: 4000





The BattleCruiser are the best fighters in the game for use in hyper-space. They have plenty off torps(100) and missiles(50) and a fairly decent speed(12) and double tubes on all sides. The best way to use these is to do much as before. Stay still and face toward you enemy. Fire you fore torps and then turn port. fire port tubes and then turn aft. continue doing this until all tubes are empty. you then keep firing missiles why reloading. continue this attack plan until the enemy is killed. Bc's in starspace are just as formidable and uses the same tactics as the others, as is explained above.





Ship: Battle Ship

Max. Warp: 11

Max. Shields: 675/675

Max. Lasers: 650/650

Max. Missile Stores: 10

Max. Torpedo Stores: 20

Max Fighter Stores: 1000

Max Troop Stores: 10000





The battleship is the most deadliest ship for taking over planets due to its high payload of troops(10000) and figs(1000). It is also quite an effective starspace fighter. The main letdown of the Battleship is its lack of torp's(20) and missiles(10) meaning that it is a bad idea to fight in hyper-space. It is only outdone by a Cr in starspace and so if attacked always head to the nearest star-system and fight there by using the same tactics as explained above.





Ship: Transport

Max. Warp: 11

Max. Shields: 400/400

Max. Lasers: 0/0

Max. Missile Stores: 0

Max. Torpedo Stores: 0

Max Gun Stores: 2000

Max Fighter Stores: 4000

Max Troop Stores: 40000





The transport is NOT a fighter. It has no weapons of any sort and is extremely vulnerable in combat. The only thing it has going for it is its high shields. Whenever you use this ship request a escort from the other members of your alliance. It is usual practice that if you see a transport in flight, do NOT attack it, I doubt you would like it. This ship Cannot attack planets and is only used to transport troops(40000), Figs(10000) and if you want it can carry guns(10000) instead of figs. note: you can only board 10000 troops at a time.  It is suggested that if you are attacked in these, the best thing to do is go to the nearest star system and OCCupy or ESTablish a base there, and drop your load, this way you will not lose all that you have been carrying






Each of the ships has its own unique characteristics, and I suggest that you only use these tactics as a guide, and that you find out which ship you prefer.  I prefer the BC over the CR, whereas many prefer the CR over the BC.  I could list many areas where one improves over the other, but I wont, I will leave that for you to figure out.



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