Sunday, October 05, 1997

Visads Battle Regime

Starting out 1.5 by The Visad (707150)

In this manual you will recieve knowledge of the many ships in Stellar Emporer, their best asset's and their worst defect's.. how to fight effeciently with them and hopefully learn how I have been able to become one of the most feircesome fighter's in Stellar Only Out Matched By Klunker (790004) and Closely matched by KaRaK BD!!(606924). There are a a few other's that are just as good as me Including Arachnid (490924) and Pilot(363542), but most of the ships I come in contact with have been defeated by me. The knowledge in this manual has been proven in battle by me, Klunker, KaRaK, Defiant(205829) and the many people who I have taught over the time. You will learn how to fight with total confidence in your skills, and if someone beats you, it just allows you to take your revenge on them easier... I would have included battle movies in this But that woulda made it to large. 1 playback file was 20kb and with having 20 or more it would of been VERY large making it almost a meg for the whole file. So just listen up and Im sure you will understand my meaning.

You first begin with a small ship called a scout... this ship while one of the weakest of them all has proven to me to be one of the most valuable... In this ship I have destroyed many BIGGER ship's in both Hyper and Star space. The speed of the scout is the best asset as well as it's quick reload time for torpedo's. Unfortunately the small weapon's payload weaken's the scout. Small laser's, smaller yet shields, small payload for missle's, and a decent stock of torpedo's are the con's of having a scout... The reason that many vet's use a scout(as well as me) is the fact that we can outrun a bigger ship and Missle, torp them to death in a scout. I have used this practise to kill many of my enemy's in battle many time's...

Some new added features in this Version, a few more strategy's on ship fighting and 1 rather large point in the Pack Hunting.....

General Tactic's

These tactic's are for use with any and ALL ship's. When you are Star fighting, orbit a Gas Giant on the other side of the Star that your opponent is, this will have 2 desired effect's. One being that your shields will be able to compensate for the damage that your opponent is giving you. (NOTE: Not against a CR or BS take those fights to Hyper if possible, especially if you ARE NOT IN ONE, and your opponent is) As they are attacking you Turn PORT towards them and fire away. When you are running Low on energy stop firing, and scoop fuel... As long as your enemy does not get close enough to do some damage to your ship instead of your energy you will win this battle shortly.

Another tactic, one that Im sure will not sit to well with Yarmoor or Klunker( they are the gaurdians and dont like Imp sitting) is after you take command of your ship and destroy your opponent, DRY SC, and sit ontop of the Imp, manually turn yourself so you are not in orbit and Wait... as soon as you see him come out, Fire Salvo 2 at him 3 time's, then lock Lasers turn port and fire away, as soon as he is dead DRY SC once more and wait, do it again and again UNTIL he does not come back any longer. NOTE: Do NOT hold me responsible for you attempting to use this tactic and getting caught by Klunker or one of the OTHER Gaurdians.

When In Hyper Space flying a SC drop your shields you will se farther and be able to get ready for ships that Much easier, Doing this in CAP ships is not recommended as it takes longer to Raise the shields. This combined with The pack Hunt for SC will make the Pack Hunt a feared Item. Also another use for this is to CHASE down your Opponent. After a Combat your opponent starts to run away. Let him run, he will run out of energy and soon explode if he continue's. He can go only so far before he starts to overheat (assuming he is Red lining it) and starts to DUMp fuel in order to cool off his engine. Fire a missle at him before he disappears out of your sight and the Missle will lead you to him, in the most direct route available.


Like I said before this is the first ship you start out in it will be your only ship until you can build more ships. These ships can be built on one of the base's that you establish by "scouting" around after you have taken command of your ship, the first thing you want to do IS establish a base at one of the nearby system's... Then create your planet's life by Colonizing the planet, I suggest that you obtain a doc file called Pitchonomic's By Pitch, this doc will specify all the setting you need to obtain a HIGHLY devoloped planet thereby enabling you to Make all the ships that will be covered in this manual. This doc file(Pitchonomic's) can be found in the news group general in 2 form's Normal and revised.

First thing's first star fighting is done with one or more ships inside the system, the more the merrier. MAKE sure to always turn your port towards your enemy, this allow's for you to hit with both laser's doing more damage to your enemy, if you are hard pressed fire a missle at your enemy. This will give them something else to fire at... also if you see a missle coming at you MAKE sure that you shoot it otherwise it will hit you and do major damage. One thing to remember about star fighting is this, STAY STILL AT ALL COSTS turn port towards enemy to make sure that both laser's stay locked otherwise YOU WILL LOSE the fight.

Fighting in hyper is not that much different make sure that when you are fighting a larger ship than you tho that you DO NOT stay still keep running at full speed, in a full out fight a BattleCruiser(BC) will kill you in no time if the other person know's what they are doing. On the on the other hand I have been known to take out just about every ship in the game while fighting in hyper so it all depend's on how well you follow my guidence in here. In fact I have taken out a Cruiser(CA) in Star space by myself one of the hardest things to do in the game, as the CA has the most powerful laser's and Shields in the game. The secret? Jump to Hyper and wait a second before going back in at the last second click on their icon on the right if you time it right you will come into the system WITH a full battle menu for that ship continue to fire at the ship, Once again if the person Is very good like me Or Klunker you wont stand a chance, but most do not know what they are doing with a CA. ID them and you will be able to tell, if they have a large amount of kills forget it... you will most definitely lose. Another nice little thing is shoot a missle at your oponent while you are in hyper also, slower ships are vunerable to this and will usually take the time to kill the missle, as in star fighting this will give you an extra second to attack, it can also be used to your advantage as torp's care less what they hit. Many time's while in battle the torp's that your enemy shoot's at you will hit the missle instead. just remember your own torps can also hit your own missle defeating the porpose of shooting the missle!

Scouts(SC) are the ONLY ship not able to carry any troop's or fighter's(fig's).


After deciding to rethink my strategie's on the DD's, I have decided to raise my evalutation of thse ships slighty. Granted I still consider them to be one of the weaker ship's they are still an outstanding fighter in the aspect of some of the other ship's. They are one of the faster ship's going a total of 13 in Hyper, making them the fastest of the big ships. With shields of 200 both fore and aft, fore and aft laser's of 190, payload of 40 torpedo's(torps) and 25 missle's they are designed to fight in Hyper although they are easy to take out with a scout. I have many time's taken out a DD in hyper combat with ease, losing maybe my fore shields. The slow rate of travel make's them vunerable to attack with missle's as the missle can over take them(missle's travel at 14 in hyper). they have double Fore and Aft torp tube's making them a great fighter IF the ship is behind or in front of them. The best way to fight in this ship is in Hyper not moving at all. First turn towards your enemy shoot both fore torps, then turn aft towards your enemy and fire both torps again. Fire a missle at them and then load all 4 torps face fire aft fire again until they are dead.

I do NOT recommend fight with a DD in star space doing so will only cause you to lose the ship.

With a payload of 100 fig's and 1000 troops, the DD is the smallest ship able to take out a planet.


The cruiser (CA)is my favorite ship, being the best fighter in Battle for a star system, with it's strong shields and laser's. These ships carry a payload of 675 shields both fore and aft, 890 lasers both fore and aft it is the strongest fighter for star space, the relatively low amount of torp's(20), missle's(10), and slow speed(warp 11) make them a poor hyper fighter tho it can be fought in hyper in a pinch, tho more than one scout can take out a CA with almost no problem, if caught in hyper IMMEDIATLY enter a system and fight there. Orbit a planet and use the same battle tactic's as with the SC, turning Port or starboard towards your enemy and blast away with laser's. Shoot any missle that come your way, once you have defeated the enemy be they SC, BC, DD, CA or Battleship (BS) continue on your journey.

Believe me the CA is one of the most effective fighter's in the game, I alone fought over 100 battle's in the SAME CA killing multiple enemy's with it, before I ended up losing it in Hyper to 3 scout's. Not saying that Your CA cant handle the pressure it is usually because you are not quite quick enuff to keep up with other ships. I was accosted 2 time's in hyper by ships the first time I got away from 5 SC that had jumped me in Hyper, Barely, i had 97% hull damage, no shields, no scoop to pick up fuel, no torp's, missle's, and could only go a max of 4.5 warp. Fortunately for me they did not follow into the system and I was able to repair. The second time I was not so Lucky and lost my CA.

I do NOT recommend using these to fight in hyper. this will only cause you to lose your ship.

The cruiser with it's small payload of 2000 troop's and 200 fig's is one of the smallest ships that can take a planet.

Battle Cruiser

BC's are by far the best fighter's in the game for Hyper, with their large payload of torp's(100) and missle's(50) and there relative decent speed(12) , and double torp tube's on all side's they make formidable fighter's in space, the best strategy for these are as follow. They also make a decent star fighter having shield strength of 375 and laser STR of 440.

As with the DD Hold still while fighting, on the run fighting can be done with these ships, but are best if they are on the stand still of a fight because of the double torp tube's. First turn towards your enemy fire both torp's, turn port, fire both tube's, turn aft, fire both tube's, then finally turn starboard, and fire both tube's fire a missle at your enemy, reload your torp's use missle's to keep attacking your enemy while reloading. Continue until your enemy is killed.

On the run fighting require's a different technique, while on the run fire both torps at your enemy, shoot a missle at your enemy and then reload your torp's fire both again doing so until he is destroyed. I prefer the Stand Still method with the BC, as this quicken's your enemy's demise. ;p BC's in star space are just as formidable. there relative high laser and shields make them an aggresive fighter in Star space although 2 SC's can make short work of a BC in star space and is no match for a CA at all. Avoid fighting in star space BUT it CAN be done!!!

With a payload of 4000 troops and 400 fig's the BC is one of the larger ships that can take a planet.


By far the most deadly of ships to be able to take over a planet the BS it has a payload of Shields(675), Laser's(650), Torp's(20), Missle's(10), Troops(10000) and fig's of (1000). Once again the relative low amount of trop's and missle's make this a poor hyper fighter and should only be used to attack planet's. The high shields and laser's make it a formidable fighter in star space tho only outdone by the CA. this ship should be used for either planet taking(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) or for star battle's with few ship's as this ship take's the longest to build.

For hyper fighting if the need arise follow the guideline's for the SC or the CA as it onl has a single torp tube on either side.

For planet taking this ship is most effective if used in the transfer command(TRA) of multiple ships. The Pitchonomic's manual show's more along this line with guide as to how many gun's a 2,3,4, and 5 ship TRA will take out.

This ship has a payload of 10000 troops, and 1000 fig's and is the largest of the ships that is able to take a planet.


THIS ship is NOT a fighter ship, It has NO weapon's of any sort no torp's, no missle's, and no laser's, it only has the ability to transport military equipment from 1 base to the next allowing yo to get closer to your enemy's base and therefore take it over a little easier.

This ship has a payload of 4000 fig's and 40000 troops loadable at 10000 a time. it can also carry guns for planetary defense, your choice 4000 fig's or 2000 gun's.

Be extra careful in hyper with ship as it is VERY vunerable in combat. The only thing this ship has going for it is it's high shield's(400).

The Pack Hunt

The Pack Hunt is one of the most deadly hunt's in the galaxy, it is when you and other ships in your alliance "hunt" down a enemy ship 2 SC can effectivly hunt any ship in the game, add a 3rd ship and you have a deadly force, a 4th and nothing can withstand it.

The best strategy is for one of the ship to get directly behind the enemy ship, the second to the right and the third to the left, all of you MUST be in torp range for this to work effectivly,(See Ships 1 for formation Info) each ship of your alliance should repeatedly torp the ship, add a missle or two for spice and to flavor the menu up a little. if you follow this strategy you can kill many ship's, hunt down your enemy's, and just about destroy anything in your path. Just be carefull with this, if you do this to often on certain player you might just find yourself at the end of a 20 ship Pack Hunt!

The Pack hunt is most effective when you have 3 or 4 ships, preferably all of them SC, it is more difficult to pack hunt another SC or a ship of the same type you are flying, Why? Simply they can obtaion the same speed as you can, therefore When you pack hunt I suggest that have 2 or 3 of you alliance members join you in SC... These can easily obtained at any Imp by typing the words DRY SC in command mode. For the Html Version of this I have decided to create a picture for this. It is Rather crude but I intend on creating a REAL picture for this. I will refer to the name of the picture.

The Reason for this, is because you want to follow and engage your enemy not allowing him to escape, Each of the SC in this formation should SLOW and TURN with your enemy. If the enemy starts to turn, then eah ship in the formation should also turn... (see Ship 2 notice the arrow marks) It is imperative that you maintain this formation as it will keep each of the allied ships OUT of the range of your torpedo's... not nice when you blow away the ship that is allied with you.(see Ship 3 notice the arrow marks)

When you fly long enough with your allies you will eventually see formations like this stand and work, It was many a Pack hunt until the WP was able to hunt like this.

Usefull commands

NOTE: These are to be typed in command mode

DES destroy the current ship you are in... It's REAL useful when your 1400 ly's away from your planet and it gets attacked. just DES and come back there! NOTE: this WILL affect your current Kill, Loss ratio, giving you a Loss.

DRY another useful command, this one is for getting ships while at Imp. NOTE: The only ships that are readily available for you at IMP are SC. Other ships are only located at Imp AFTER you have DRY SCed at imp, placing your current ship into Drydock... NOTE: placing a damaged ship into Dry dock will cause the Imp to Scrap it.

DRY DD get a Destroyer that you had Dry Docked at Imp

DRY CR get a Cruiser that you had Dry Docked at Imp

DRY BC get a Battle Cruiser that you had Dry Docked at Imp

DRY BS get a Battle Ship that you had Dry Docked at Imp

DRY TR get a Transport that you had Dry Docked at Imp

NOTE: when you DRY SC and are currently inside a Cap ship, any Missle's, torp's, troops Probe's or Fig's that you currently have on your ship WILL be lost, the Imp's take them for payment purpose's for holding your Ship.

RAD this command is used to take you inside of the radio Room, usefull for when you waiting for an Ally to come and help TRA a planet with you. See FLY

FLY This will take you OUT of radio and put you directly into your ship. See RAD

TRA Considered to be one of the best commands in the game, allow's you to TRAnsfer ship command to another ship in YOUR ALLIANCE, allowing for both ships to coordinate a planet attack allowing for faster planet Killing.... If anyone care's to see the exact formula for this please refer to Pitchinomic's by PITCH

OCC an EXTREMELY usefull command now allows SC to take a planet by merely typing OCC, Cap ships use this to drop Single troops or 10 troops after killing all the previous troops on the planet to be taken, this will drop troops on the planet and if the colony doesnt fight back gain you control of the colony. NOTE: This will work ONLY if you have 5 planets if you have 6 then you will lose the planet and everything that is currently on it.

ATT Attack command used for planet taking, drops fig's that are currently inside you CAP ship.

DUM VERY usefull command especially If you are force to Redline your ship just type DUM 300 to DUMp 300 fuel units and cool your engine, careful not to Redline so far that you hurt your ship in the process.

NAV nice command for Escorting ships. Just type NAV star,speed or like this NAV 3707,13 make sure that you do not obtain a speed greater than the ship you are escorting can do.

Last Minute details

A few thing's before I close. For fighting in hyper with a SC, the best strategy is to enter a system with your enemy in it, then immediatly exit out. Sit ontop of the system and wait for your enemy to exit when he does start firing missle's at him they will immediatly hit him and hurt him bad. Start firing torps at him and continue until out of missle's and torps or your opponent is dead.

Dont fire at a TA unless you are sure that it is going to be used to attack your planet, it is considered bad ettiquite to do so. How would you like it if you were in a TA and someone fired at you??? Not very much I suppose, then again there are those that could care less for anything and will kill anything in their path.

Thanks to the many people who have helped me learn my technique(Yes I was a newbie at one time). These people include Klunker, Anti-Virus D!!, Antari-SoC, Arachnid, Borg 2 0f 7, Defiant, BOO DID I SCARE YA!!, KaRaK BD!! (from who I learned a lot), and all my other friends out there!!!!! Plus the newbie's I used to practise my technique on!

Last but not least Be careful out there it's a hard Galaxy but most of all HAVE FUN!

The Visad (707150)

Visad's Battle Regime Copyright 1997 Visad
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